How does this IPTV Service work?


Most of the people are not aware of on how does IPTV service work and what does it require to get Started?


So I am going to mention the list of the thing’s required to get the IPTV Service working.


You will need the following things:


1.A Device.

(Android Box, Mag Box, Avov, Dreamlink etc)

There are many Boxes out in the market but we recommend MAG BOX’s, AVOV, Dreamlink Boxes for a better and reliable streaming IPTV experience.


2.  A TV (not necessary to be a smart tv but it should have HDMI port to connect your device)


3. Internet Connection (With a minimum speed of 15mbps or higher)


4. IPTV Subscription:

You can place an order on any server you like and we will send you details which you have to load into your device. Once you have entered and configured everything correctly, your service will start working.


Does it require any technical knowledge?

There are few simple steps you need to follow and you are good to Go.
For instructions, You can refer to HOW TO page on our website and if still, you are facing any difficulty send us an email and we will try our best to help you out.