Set-top boxes are sometimes called as receivers. A set-top box enables your television to have a user interface that connects to the internet.
These set-top boxes even makes an analog TV set to receive digital broadcasts. It allows you to get those IPTV channels from your IPTV providers. The primary purpose of this kind of devices are for a user to stream through their favorite IPTV channels. Also they are able to access a great selection of VOD and PPV.
What are the different set-top boxes?
Below we discuss the different boxes you can use or buy to help you stream IPTV channels on your TV sets.
One of the most widely used set-top box from Infomir is the MAG box. This box has a native support of the stalker middle ware. Hence it allows you to connect with IPTV servers so you can stream VOD and PPV. It is also comes with EPG functions and the most reliable for live streaming via the stalker feature.
The MAG box is like your traditional cable box. The difference of this with android boxes is that you can not put dozens of apps into the device.
To use this with your IPTV provider you will only need to provide them with your MAC address. Once this is done they will then provide you with a server portal address to encode on to your box.
Dreamlink T2
The Dreamlink T2 box is a full on IPTV Android box. Aside from streaming IPTV service, it also enables you to run Kodi and Netflix on it and so much more. The maker of the Formuler Z7+ is the same maker as that of the Dreamlink T2.
Highlights of this Android box is that it runs on Android 7 Nougat with full Stalker support. It also has great EPG and updates are automatic.
The box is also very lightweight that you may bring it with you anywhere and you can just plug and play. In addition the device has a feature which is the Catch Up TV’ function. This allows a user to go back and play the shows that they may have missed watching.