For Android Boxes You can Also Use Services on Kodi or Stb Emulator
1) Download the “StbEmu (Free)” app from Google Play Store HERE.


2) Open the App and Go to the “Settings” by clicking settings icon top of the App.


3) Click “Profiles” and click on the “Test Profile” to edit


4) Then click “STB Model” and select the “MAG 250” as emulator


5) Click “Portal settings” and change the portal URL that we will send in another email after order.


6) Set “Screen Resolution” to 1280×720 or match to your TV


7) Scroll down and find MAC address. This is an important number because it is how our IPTV service will identify the set top box.


8) Get a new MAC Address HERE


9) Send us your MAC to us with your order. If you havent and order is plaaced already we will provide you a mac address.


10) Then click on MAC address on StbEmu. and change it to MAC address that you got above.


11) Please wait for the MAC address activation & We Will Send you Email with Portal Url


12) Once portal Url and MAC address has been saved. Save all settings and restart app.


13) The profile you created should come on main page of stb emualtor app. Click the profile and channels will start downloading.

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