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BLUE SKY IPTV is now supporting all official StalkerTV app based Infomir official products as well.
(MAG250, MAG254, MAG254W1, MAG254W2, MAG256, MAG322, MAG322W1, MAG322W2, MAG410, and more).
This service is also able to work with all STB Emulators, and other major branded non-emulator andriod devices as well.
This service is now able to work with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone, Android tablet and APPLE TV as well.




More than 3000+ Channels LIVE & 13000+ Video On Demand (which always gets updated)

Name Total YES
Video On Demands (All Movies) 13000+
English 100+
Kids 27+
English Movies 65+
For adults 22+
English News & Info 55+
Canadian 22+
Sports 113+
Arabic (Not available for now) 566+
Filipino 8+
Russian 71+
Gujrati 8+
G-Line up 19+
Turikish 99+
Greek 68+
4K 4+
All 2999+  
PPV 10+  
African 22+  
Afghan/Persian/Kurd 117+  
UK England 161+  
Spanish 92+  
Religious 28+  
Italian 122+  
German 56+  
Albanians 55+  
Dish TV 167+  
French 101+  
EX-EU Balkans 1+  
Polish 74+  
Dutch 61+  
Hindi 133+