How to run IPTV on Samsung Smart TVs using SMART STB Application?

First you need to register your TV at SMART STB Website using your TV MAC address . Then activate your free 7 day trial. After activation you get a Virtual mac address and an option to create a custom portal. You then send us the Virtual Mac address from the settings and we send you our PORTAL URL to complete the setup.

How To Add M3U Url To Your Smart Tv Step By Step Guide

How To Setup Smart IPTV (siptv) on Smart Tv Guide

-Please Note This Instructions only works with Servers That Provide M3U URL

STEP 1 ) Download and Install Smart IPTV app from your TV App Store

STEP 2 ) Open the app and you will see your TV MAC Address

STEP 3 ) Go To

STEP 4)  Write TV’S MAC and Paste the M3U Link Provided By Us

Check Country, Check Keep Online & Click Add Link

STEP 5) After that Restart the Smart IPTV App on your TV and Enjoy!

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