Terms & Conditions



  1. No physical item is included.
  2. No refund after you buy since we cannot sell the subscription again once it is activated
  3. Please note one account works on one device only
  4. All IPTV servers are managed by off-shore third party providers, therefore, we don’t have any control over service and content.
  5. As a streaming media service, you may experience buffering, channels down for variable periods of time, STB Emulator Crashing and restarting, losing channel list …etc
  6. We are only given access to add or remove accounts activation and Mac address change.
  7. No warranties, guarantees or refunds can be provided for any sold IPTV service.
  8. It is illegal to watch any paid premium channels without a valid subscription or license from a valid provider.
  9. This product violates no laws through the valid intended use of this product/service & we accept no responsibility for misuse.
  10. We do not own, run, maintain or have access to the servers or the channels.
  11. As per our knowledge all channels provided by the server sellers abide by all relevant countries copyright laws and any copyright issues must be taken up directly with the server owners, Iptvsubscription.net does not take any liability as to what is aired on the servers and Iptvsubscription.net have zero control over the servers the streams and channels.
  12. We simply resell the activation codes and assist you in connecting to servers. Server owners have the right to add and remove any channels that they want
  13. If you cannot accept any of the above-mentioned remarks, IPTV may not be for you.
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